Why Choose Us?

We welcome you to join the growing list of patients, dentists, and physicians who choose Desert Dental Specialists for their own treatment or that of a family member.

Why? They know and appreciate the indisputable difference between the very best care available and the most advertised.  In medicine, professionals understand advertising and marketing is no substitute for experience and training at a university level.  In fact, you the patient are automatically protected because  the required “medical standard of care” is held to the highest skilled and experienced clinician available.  As such your dermatologist does not “dabble” in orthopedic surgery even though they both went to medical school.  In dentistry any licensed practitioner can and often does place dental implants.  No proficiency need be demonstrated other than being a licensed general dentist and the purchase of a surgical  kit.  Pre packaged vendor marketing material is often made available to the purchasers of their product along with vendor credentials.  Perhaps you have noticed their marketing campaigns in the newspapers, magazines, TV, billboards and radio. We invite you to compare the difference.

We often are able to save teeth that others recommend extracting.  Root canal therapy has a very high degree of sucess.

At Desert Dental Specialists we are board certified in dental implants.  We have placed and helped restore thousands of dental implants for the past twenty years.  We are a multi-specialty practice devoted to problem solving in the most optimal and affordable manner which benefits you the most.